A Unique Event Designed to Help You Overcome Your Fears, Conquer Your Limiting Beliefs, and Pursue Your Purpose!

OCTOBER 10, 2020


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Mindset Reset Intensive is a full-day experience designed to help you 

conquer your limiting beliefs and pursue your purpose. 



Anyone who has tried to make big changes in their life knows that after the initial excitement wears off, the hard work sets in and your emotions bubble up as you get pushed outside your comfort zone trying to figure it all out. This can make you feel drained, unsure, exhausted, frustrated, and paralyzed.


We have designed the Mindset Reset to be an intense, game-changing day that will push you to new levels in your personal and professional life. What changes do you need to make? What goal do you want to reach? What clarity do you need for next steps in your life?





Success is not an accident. You create it with tenacity and to do so you must move past the resistance that gets in the way: the fear, the doubts, worries, and toxic thoughts that blind you and keep you from the future

God has intended for you.


Let us help you uncover those things that hold you back and open up the possibilities around you simply by helping you change your limiting beliefs. We can’t do this work alone – it takes others around us to push us, hold us accountable, and reveal things we may not otherwise see.




Elizabeth, The Mindset Maven, is an author, certified mindset and entrepreneur coach, experienced businesswoman, motivational speaker, creator of the "Master Your Mindset" teaching series, and author of the acclaimed book “Master Your Mindset the Master’s Way”. In addition to a successful corporate career, Elizabeth founded several businesses, including one which was ranked on the Inc 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies list. Her enthusiasm for overcoming obstacles and discovering purpose, love of entrepreneurism, energetic drive, and unwavering belief in people’s potential propels her clients and students into new realms in both their personal and professional lives.




For the past 17 years Coach LaMonte Odums has had the honor of working with extraordinary individuals from various backgrounds, helping them to create lasting change and opportunities for continued growth. Coach LaMonte Odums is considered amongst his peers to be one of the most influential voices of our time. His story and his ability to connect with multiple audiences has made him one of the most well rounded coaches and speakers today.

His personal philosophy is to walk with his client, partnering with each individual to help them reach their destined goals. Coach LaMonte is a leader who became a coach for people like you: individuals hungry for change but not sure where to begin. Everyday he introduces new ideas and concepts for personal growth and walks you through the process of self development on your terms. He believes in the notion that "if you lay a foundation that is doable for people, they will, in essence, build their lives upon it". Coach LaMonte is the former on air personality and co-host of a morning talk show, "Morning Break" on WBTV in Charlotte NC (a CBS affiliate) where he spent 7 years motivating viewers with daily tips, motivation, and using his personal story as a springboard for personal change. Currently Coach is the CEO of The Leigh James Company LLC a diversified Entertainment & Lifestyle company and also serves as creator, supervising producer, and host of a new nationally syndicated media project entitled "youday!" debuting fall 2020!



Lisa Mitchell is the Founder of Power Body Language and is a Communications expert that specializes in Body Language and Non Verbal communication skills. She is a Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI) and a Certified Body Language Trainer, and holds a Masters Degree in Management. Lisa works with companies and organizations world-wide to provide best-in-class communications workshops, trainings, and keynote speeches. 

Lisa has been featured in National and local media outlets for her body language analysis, and to provide insight into the behavior of everyone from politicians, to criminals, to figures in pop culture. Lisa has reoccurring media segments focused on sharing how the science of Body Language can help people make better first impressions, stay safe in their environment, and be more influential and effective leaders.


With CATALYST, as his ‘One Word’ personal brand, Rich Keller is on a mission to transform one million lives, ‘One Word’ at a time. He understands the challenges associated with trying to discover what makes you stand-out. He has learned that you can conquer life’s obstacles and reach excellence when you uncover your core value, which he defines as who you are…NOT what you do.


With an MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and 25 years of branding experience at powerhouse companies such as Nabisco, Kraft Foods and Godiva, Rich now applies his marketing expertise to personal branding. He travels the country as a motivational speaker at high schools, colleges, entrepreneurship conferences and corporations, motivating young adults to craft their personal brands in ‘One Word’, and turn it into their greatest assets, so they can Stand-out Conquer Obstacles Reach Excellence and SCORE!


Are you stuck in your business or career and can’t seem to find your purpose or what’s next?


Are you wondering what unique gifts God gave you or what to do with them?


Do you struggle with fear or doubt that holds you back?


What steps should you take next? Tired of fighting the same battles in your mind?


Do you keep running into familiar roadblocks while God’s plan for you seems to be a mystery?


Why do some people succeed more quickly and others struggle to find their path in life?


Have you been experiencing purpose but you know there is more to do, higher heights to reach?


What challenge are you facing today?


We are all at a different stage in our life. Do you need to:


            CREATE – You’re not sure what your purpose is. There is so much noise around you, and you can’t see clearly enough to make those big decisions. You have so many questions and you just wish that you could have a plan to move forward boldly in your life. What’s the right next move for you?


            GENERATE – You’ve had glimpses of purpose in your life. You think you may have found it, but so much holds you back. You start and stop. You get excited and motivated and then you question yourself. At this point you need to understand what is holding you back and master the tools to push through the things that stop you. What is needed for you to really experience breakthrough?


            ACTIVATE – There is nothing like walking in your purpose! But it requires a consistent commitment to a strong mindset as you continue to move the goal line and run the race of destiny. We never stop needing to strengthen our minds and our belief system. What mental disciplines and mindset work do you need to take your purpose to even higher levels of success and impact?



Mindset Reset 2020 is a fully VIRTUAL conference held online on Saturday, October 10th from 10 am EST - 5 pm EST


Included in this full-day intensive, led by Mindset Maven Elizabeth Nader:


  • 2 Main Conference Sessions taught by Elizabeth Nader

  • Workshop session with Rich Keller

    • Finding Your "One Word"

  • Workshop session with Lisa Mitchell

    • How Your Head Trash is Holding You Back​

  • Workshop session with Coach Lamonte Odums

    • Reclaiming Your Mind​

  • Upgrade option #1: Semi-private hot seat coaching

  • Ugrade option #2: 30 minute Q&A with Elizabeth 

  • Printable worksheets emailed prior to the intensive

  • Printable, beautifully designed mindset quotes for inspiration

  • Personal login to the virtual conference site

  • Access to all of the Mindset Reset video sessions for 6 months

  • Audio/podcast files of all of the sessions

  • Live chat with conference speakers during the sessions

  • Practical exercises and applications

  • Foundational mindset principles

  • Motivational teaching

  • Giveaways! Giveaways! Giveaways!

Mindset Reset Ticket Price: $97 per person

plus optional:

Upgrade option #1: $40 per person

This is limited to 20 people, 30 minute group Q&A with Elizabeth Nader via Zoom

Upgrade option #2: $90 per person

This is limited to a group of 5 people, 10 minutes each, hot seat coaching with Elizabeth Nader via Zoom


I am a retired middle school teacher, 23 years in the Newark New Jersey public schools. I am a veteran of the United States Army 82nd Airborne Division; I obtained my B.A. from Seton Hall University and my M.A. from Montclair State University. I can only wish that I was able to take this course with Elizabeth Nader while I was in high school, I know my life would be significantly better if I had the mind-set I learned in this course while I was in high school. Elizabeth is one of the top 10 or maybe top 5 teachers I have ever had during my entire academic history. I highly recommend her class to anyone, it can be life changing.



“Master your Mindset” changed my life. I may have a theater background, but this is one thing I am not dramatizing. Through this fantastic and challenging course I was encouraged to take a much closer look at my emotional, mental, spiritual, financial and social stability. Understanding that the outcome to my future and ultimately accomplishing my God-given destiny has a direct correlation to my everyday mindset, truly changed my life for the better. The greatest take away was that I walked out of the final session saying to myself “my mind was created for me, I was not created for my mind.” Fear, insecurity, doubt, comparison... the list goes on of things we do NOT have to put up with. Every day is a choice to walk in love, forgiveness, acceptance and success. 



"Master your Mindset” is a must read for anyone looking to change the way they approach life’s toughest problems. Elizabeth reimagines the way people conquer their mindset by combining a spiritual approach with a hands-on life coaching style and then giving a practical step by step guide that can be applied to anyone’s life. Once finished you will walk away realigned, refreshed and with new practical skills that can consistently be employed for years to come. Whether for life or business application, you will want to come back to this book over and over!



The distance between dreams and reality is called ACTION. 

Today is your opportunity to create the tomorrow you want! 


Below are a few frequently asked questions and answers.

If you have another question not listed here, please fee free to email us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the conference cost?

The Mindset Reset 2020 conference registration price is $97. This cost includes access to all keynotes, sessions, a digital conference workbook, audio files, and access to the replay of the conference for 6 months after October 10, 2020. Additionally, there are many other fun items included...see the list above.

What is the conference schedule?

The Mindset Reset 2020 virtual conference starts online at 10:00 am EST and runs until 5:00 pm EST on October 10. There is a two hour lunch break (during which one of the upgrades will be occuring), and another break from 3:00-4:00 pm. A full schedule will be emailed as we get closer to the conference.

When will I receive my digital workbook?

Digital workbooks will be emailed to attendees in mid-October before the conference date. They will also be available on the password-protected conference site.

Are tickets refundable?

No, all sales are final. However, tickets can be transferred to someone else. If you need to do that, please email us at coaching@elizabethnader.com

I signed up for one of the optional extras. How do I join those sessions?

The two optional items will be conducted via Zoom during the conference breaks. That information will be emailed to participants the week before the conference begins.

What technology do I need to access the live conference and the replay?

Registration and access to the live conference will be on a password-protected site. You will access this site through any browser, and the login information will be sent to you one week before the conference. Replay access will be through the same login. No special technology is needed, besides internet and browser access.


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