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Elizabeth delivers a life-changing, thought-provoking, and action-inducing message that will inspire attendees to conquer their limiting beliefs and walk in their power to move to greater levels in life and career.


Infuse your event with passion and motivation!


Contact us to explore the customized possibilities to ensure your event is a meaningful success.


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The subject of mindset, limiting beliefs, purpose, and failure truly has no limits. A message can be crafted by Elizabeth to fit your audience, budget, and timeframe.


Please note that every presentation will include the level of spirituality appropriate for the listeners and that the depth of information will be based on the allotted time.

Here are some possibilities to consider:

The Entrepreneurial Mindset – The only thing we truly have control over is our mind and how we direct it. Entrepreneurs have the unique challenge of pushing themselves in ways and areas that most never do, but that is the power of the Entrepreneurial mindset! We will discuss the definition of mindset and deconstruct it, talk about how to identify limiting beliefs, and how to overcome them. Depending on time allowed, the blessing of failure is usually part of this discussion as well. All of this relates to both our personal and professional lives.


Defining Purpose and Influence – Pursuing purpose and understanding influence are all about ensuring you are operating within your “lane” of your gifts and talents, but also in a way that the world needs and will reward. Elizabeth has a specific tool for defining and uncovering purpose, which also directly relates to discovering whether or not a particular new business idea is solid. Influence comes into play not only with our unique giftings but also with our businesses as we attempt to stand out in the marketplace and appeal to those whom we are meant to serve.

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