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Your Mindset Creates Your Destiny - Take Control Now!


Are you overwhelmed with what step to take next in your life and tired of fighting the same battles in your mind? Do you keep running into familiar roadblocks while God’s plan for you seems to be a mystery? Why do some people succeed more quickly and others struggle to find their path in life? 


Making lasting changes in your life and moving towards your destiny doesn’t have to be a mystery. It’s about combining a Biblically-based, 

winning mindset with a clear understanding of what makes you unique and why you were created to make your own mark on this world. 

A powerful mindset is a proven and effective way of living, thinking, and working while using your unique talents and gifts to flourish in your life; consequently, you experience abundance and are a greater blessing to those around you. 


Success is not an accident - you create it with tenacity and to do so you must move past the resistance that gets in the way: the fear, doubts, worries, and toxic thoughts that blind you and keep you from the future that you were made to experience. Take action now and start living your best life!

Business Consultation


Master Your Mindset Academy

offers the power of accountability

and connection resulting in

deeper, lasting mindset changes.

The Master Your Mindset teaching curriculum is a packaged, easy-to-use format, delivered conveniently online. Priced per person, this engaging content is easy to purchase for your book club, or corporate team, community gathering, academic class, or church small group. Experience the power of working through the course together and create accountability for change!


Elizabeth delivers eight one-hour teaching videos, after which your group can spend an additional hour discussing and reviewing the material. Worksheets and assignments are included; it is strongly suggested that the book, “Master Your Mindset, the Master’s Way” is purchased off Amazon to accompany the videos.

For larger groups, Elizabeth is available for a one-hour live online session to answer questions and provide further insight, teaching, and encouragement during the course. Check out for more information.


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Join Elizabeth for one of her VIP Mastermind intensive mindset sessions or a weekend Mindset Reset intensives.


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