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Master your Mindset

Pre-Order Now!

My new book will be available on Amazon for purchase September, 2019.


Pre-order here and get a signed copy as well as a chance to win a free, one-hour mindset coaching session with me!

Elizabeth Nader

What early readers are saying about the book:

“Master your Mindset, the Masters Way” is a must read for anyone looking to change the way they approach life’s toughest problems. Elizabeth reimagines the way people conquer their mindset by combining a spiritual approach with a hands-on life coaching style and then giving a practical step by step guide that can be applied to anyone’s life. Once finished you will walk away realigned, refreshed and with new practical skills that can consistently be employed for years to come. Whether for life or business application, you will want to come back to this book over and over! 



      - George Khalaf

Pre-ordered, signed books will be shipped on the publishing release date; payment taken at time of order. One person will be chosen at random to receive a free, one-hour coaching session over the phone. Winner announced early September.

“Master your Mindset, the Masters Way” is a game changer - if you will put into practice the actionable principles of this book! It is pertinent to all ages, and one that is not to be left sitting pretty on the shelf, but dog-eared, highlighted, written in and carried with you as you as your transform your thinking and your life!



       - Lisa Knight

Mind Set.. Mind Blown

Throw aside your self-help guides and take a step back from the in-your-face gurus of level up living. Elizabeth Nader asks you: Are you living the life you were destined to? Do you see failure as an opportunity? Can you see yourself in your dream career?  She says “sit down on the white couch with a pink drink ( no coffee drinkers LOL) and lets work this out, then make a stand.”

Her approach is direct and sometimes hard, but she is not re-inventing the wheel, maybe just adding new set of rims. Biblical principles along with result driven strategies, bring tangible results. It’s a blend of work, with some rest and a lot of trust. Whether you need to find your calling in life, monetize your passion or desire to live your dreams, Elizabeth Nader can get you started today. Personal guarantee you will be energized and encouraged in just a few pages. 



       - Lori Sica

High Praise for “Master your Mindset". Elizabeth has managed to skillfully weave together advice to effect actual change supported by research in the field of neuroscience and age-old biblical principles. She provides insight into the what, how, and why of changing your life. This gem of a book will give you the knowledge and tools to really jump start the way you think and act. Truly life changing!



      - Margaret King

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